Dyslexic author Sally Gardner – once branded ‘unteachable’ at school – has today (Wednesday 19th June) pipped Booker-winner Roddy Doyle to the post for this year’s prestigious CILIP Carnegie Medal with Maggot Moon (published by Hot Key Books). Her original and acclaimed dystopian tale also won this year’s Costa Children’s Book Award.

“The Carnegie Medal is the most amazing recognition of my work that I’ve ever had. It is something I never thought could happen to me. To win this prize illustrates what you can do if you believe in your dreams, if you value imagination above accuracy.

Thank you to all the people who have believed in me, supported me, and read my books. All those people who have helped Maggot Moon to have a life of its own.

In this visual age we live in, I believe dyslexia is a gift that should be nourished, not stamped upon. If we change the way we think about dyslexia, and change the way our children are taught to encompass more visual way of teaching and learning, I feel the worried look in parents’ eyes would vanish and they might even say with pride, ‘my child is dyslexic’. ”

Sally Gardner