Wings & Co Three Pickled Herrings

‘…an absolute cracker. Gardner writes with a delirious wit, sketching out intriguing characters and doling out jokes and pathos in exactly the right measure.’FINANCIAL TIMES

When Sir Walter Cross dies suddenly and mysteriously, the WINGS & CO detectives suspect fairy meddling. And when Mr Rollo the tailor loses everything he owns and Pan Smith’s wedding plans are ruined the night before her big day, they’re convinced there must be magic at play.

Now they have not one, but three pickled herrings to deal with! Can Emily Vole and friends solve the mystery of who is stealing people’s luck before the meddling fairy goes too far?

Sally trained at art college and went on to work in the theatre, winning awards for her costume designs for some notable productions. After her twin daughters and her son were born she started to illustrate children’s books, and then turned to writing. She lives in north London.