The Magical Children series remains popular as ever. Join the children on their wild journeys – ordinary children with extraordinary powers…
Gardner’s timely, touching tale, told in clear, warm prose, has all the satisfaction of a good fairy-story.”Dina Rabinovitch, The Guardian, on Boy with the Lightning Feet

In The Invisible Boy, Sam is left in the care of the horrible Hilda Hardbottom when his parents go missing on a trip to the moon, and makes friends with a little alien calls Splodge who shows him how to become invisible.

The Strongest Girl in The World is about Josie Jenkins, aged 8, who suddenly finds that she can lift up a double decker bus with no effort at all, and learns to live with the vicissitudes of fame and fortune.

And The Boy Who Could Fly is Thomas Top, who is granted a birthday wish by the Fat Fairy and finds that his new talent has a wonderful effect on his whole life.

In The Smallest Girl Ever, Ruby keeps getting smaller and smaller, but still shows how a girl tiny enough to fit in a handbag can still be clever and brave.

Billy is the The Boy with The Magic Numbers who finds out his magic moneybox can crack a safe, solve a kidnapping and help him to get to know his father again.

Meanwhile, in The Boy with the Lightning Feet, chubby Timmy Twinkle gets in shape and realises he’s a master on the football field – a story of a child whose unhappiness is dispelled by his hidden talent.