‘There were three things that marked out Lucy Willow as different. The first was that she lived on a train. The second was that she had a snail called Ernest as a pet. And the third, the most important of all, was that she had green fingers.’
…a charming and funny tale of a girl with green fingers. Slightly longer than the other books in the hugely successful Magical Children series, it’s enormous fun and features some wonderful ‘Dahl-esque’ baddies.”Angela Lockton, The Bookseller
It’s Lucy’s green fingers that save the day when Silverboots McCoy the famous footballer and his girlfriend Blossom B order flowers for their wedding, because sneaky Ricky Sparks, who runs the rival garden centre, will stop at nothing to get the contract for himself… Longer than the Magical Children books, Lucy Willow has all of Sally Gardner’s soaring imagination, enchanting humour and is rich in scenes and characters that readers will always remember.