Older Readers

Tinder (2013)

Maggot Moon (2012)
The Double Shadow (2011)
The Silver Blade (2008)
The Red Necklace (2007)
I, Coriander (2005)


Middle Readers

Wings & Co Book One: Operation Bunny (2012)

Wings & Co Book Two: Three Pickled Herrings (2012)

Magical Children Series:
The Strongest Girl in the World (1999)
The Smallest Girl Ever (2000)
The Boy Who Could Fly (2001)
The Invisible Boy (2002)
The Boy with the Magic Numbers (2003)
Magical Children (omnibus) (2004)
The Boy with the Lightning Feet (2006)
Magical Kids: The Invisible Boy and the Strongest Girl in the World (omnibus) (2007)
Magical Kids II: The Smallest Girl Ever and The Boy Who Could Fly (omnibus) (2008)
Lucy Willow (2006)


Early Readers

Tales from the Box:
Boolar’s Big Day Out (2003)
The Countess’s Calamity (2003)
The Little Nut Tree (1993)
A Hoof In The Door (2005)


Picture Books (Writer & Illustrator)

My Little Princess (1994)
The Fairy Catalogue (2000)
The Fairy Tale Catalog (2001)
The Glass Heart (2001)
Mummy, Don’t Go Out Tonight (2002)
Fairy Shopping (2003)
The Button Book (2006)
Cinderella (2011)
Sleeping Beauty (2011)
Snow White (2011)
The Frog Prince (2011)
The Princess and the Pea (2011)
Anthologies edited
Playtime Rhymes (1995)
A Book of Princesses (1997)